Teens face attempted murder charges as adults over terror plot against school

Two Georgia teens will face serious charges and trial as adults after police say they made direct threats toward individuals at their high school as well as the school itself.

According to a statement by Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Marianne Kelley, the two 17-year-old Etowah High School students, Alfred Dupree and Victoria McCurley, both of Woodstock, will each be charged with three counts of attempted murder and four counts of making terroristic threats and acts.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported that the investigation into the two suspects began after someone reported their alleged violent plans. From there, Kelley said much of the case has centered around the contents of a handwritten journal.

She said authorities interviewed Dupree on Sunday and took his diary as evidence, which reportedly led them to McCurley’s suspected involvement in the threats.

“Most of the information we received was from the personal diary,” Kelly said, “what was written down.”

When investigators executed a search warrant for McCurley’s home, they reportedly found an incendiary device. Between the two suspect’s homes, officers said they also found firearms and some suspicious powders that are currently being analyzed.

“Both substances were turned over to the [Georgia Bureau of Investigation] to have them tested and determine the chemical material,” Kelley said.

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