OPINION: Trial by media strikes again

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James A Wilson – Jim to those who know him – has spent the last half century serving as a public school and adult educator, pastor, clinical pastoral counselor, talk show host, public speaker, and freelance writer. He has traveled to 40 states and 20 nations as an ambassador of reconciliation. Jim has published over 1,000 articles and posts, as well as the books ‘Living as Ambassadors of Relationships,’ ‘The Holy Spirit and the EndTimes,’ and ‘Kingdom in Pursuit.’ His first novel – ‘Generation’ – is due out in 2018. He is married with three children. Interested readers may contact Jim here.

I will call my friend Daniel. Daniel was tried and found not guilty of child molestation. He had fallen victim to a woman who hated men; she was also a pathological liar. A single mom, she asked numerous men to have “the talk” with her almost-teenage son, as his father was not in the picture. Daniel agreed to meet with the boy and the next thing he knew he was under arrest for something he had not done. Unfortunately the boy was complicit.

The judge was so prejudiced he winked at prosecutorial misconduct and even permitted the introduction of a whole new charge during the state’s summation – a charge on which Daniel had not been tried. When the jury voted unanimously to acquit they were polled; all said they voted because as testimony unfolded it became manifestly clear Daniel had been set up and had done nothing wrong or even creepy. Thank God he had his day in court.

Today, and once again, the kangaroo court of social media and mainstream media stoked public opinion is operating; self-appointed judgment is the name of the game. As always, a good cause – justice for the victims of sexual harassment and worse – is perverted by who seek power over others. Today the target is Judge Roy Moore and the charge is accosting and harassing a number of teenage girls several decades back. Moore has been tried in this court and convicted – neither defense nor rules of evidence are necessary – and anyone daring to question the verdict is labeled a friend of perverts.

Let’s be clear: Most of the time women complaining of mistreatment by men are telling the truth. Let’s be just as clear: if the judge is guilty there should indeed be a special place in hell for him. But let us be clearest of all on this: Moore has not had his day in court; he has not confronted his accusers on level ground or presented evidence in his defense. In America we have this thingy called the Fourteenth Amendment. Journalists have risked their lives for it – unless they have already convicted someone on their word processors. Politicians make careers of defending it – unless they fear the backlash of journalists and their readers.

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I have no idea whether or not Roy Moore did what his accusers contend. Daniel had one accuser and Moore many; that favors prosecution. On the other hand, one woman claiming she had him banned from a mall; its then-manager declares no such thing happened. Another – Beverly Nelson – now admits she wrote parts of a yearbook inscription she attributed to Moore.

I will say again: Most of the time these kinds of charges turn out to be horrifically true; certainly most of the scandals rocking Hollywood and the halls of power have been borne out in short order. But all of us are entitled to make our defense and Moore denies the charges. Until and unless they are proven, that’s all she wrote.

Most living Americans recall the OJ Simpson trial and the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Everybody “knew” OJ was guilty; I harbor no sympathy for him. But he was acquitted by a jury of his peers after police were found to have planted evidence. We may never know whether he actually killed his wife; what we do know is he is innocent under the law and the only miscarriage of justice in this case was perpetrated by the police. Likewise, everybody but the senators hearing testimony about Justice Thomas “knew” he had harassed Anita Hill when she worked for him. Yet he was confirmed because a majority of those senators – after hearing all the evidence – did not believe her story. Both these men had their day in court and the system worked as designed.

My sole point here is that Judge Roy Moore deserves his day in court. This is not due to his guilt or innocence – yet to be determined – but because of his humanity. Before we rush to judge let us remember the next victim of the kangaroo court might be looking at us from the mirror. And let us thank God for the gift of our justice system.


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  1. Food for thought: If Roy Moore is indeed a serial predator, shouldn’t there be other and more recent accusations rather than a few women from 40 years ago? Ask any LEO / investigator and they will confirm that sexual predators don’t change their behavior until they are caught or called out on it, and even then they still don’t stop. Just look at Bill Clinton or Anthony Weiner for as prime examples. Suffice to say, this is nothing more than a witch hunt.


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