Obama grants first post-presidency interview to Prince Harry

Former U.S. President Barack Obama granted his first post-White House broadcast interview to the United Kingdom’s Prince Harry, who has taken over as a guest editor at the BBC.

The wide-ranging radio conversation included lighthearted quips between the two men who have become intercontinental friends in recent years. Obama joked that he is still getting used to live as a civilian, NPR reported.

“I didn’t use to experience traffic,” he said. “I used to cause traffic.”

The pair also touched on more serious topics, including the cultural division enabled by the prevalence of technology — specifically social media.

“It is harder to be as obnoxious and cruel in person as people can be anonymously on the internet,” Obama said.

He noted that while social media sites can be a great tool to help coordinate and connect with like-minded individuals, it can also foster sentiments of hostility toward those outside of the group.

“Social media is a really powerful tool for people of common interest to convene, but then it’s important for them to get offline, meet in a pub, meet at a place of worship, meet in a neighborhood, and get to know each other,” he said. “Because the truth is, on the internet, everything is simplified. And when you meet people face to face, it turns out they’re complicated.”

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  1. Obama knows all about “foster(ing) sentiments of hostility . . ” He did it for 8 years, and continues his objective to “Remake America” and rid it of its Foundational principles of a “moral and religious citizenry”.


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