Virginia election decided by pulling candidate’s name from bowl

A provision predating the United States’ founding by decades was used to decide the outcome of a tied race for Virginia’s House of Delegates.

According to CNN, Republican David Yancey, the incumbent, won his re-election bid when Elections Board Chairman James Alcorn pulled his name from a bowl.

After canvassing the results of November’s election, it was determined Yancey and his Democratic rival, Shelly Simonds, both received 11,608 votes.

A 1705 law dictates that such a tied vote is decided through the drawing of lots.

Though the remedy signaled a GOP win for the seat and a majority in the House for the party, Simonds said prior to the selection that she had not decided whether she would give up her fight for the seat.

She said at the time that she was “keeping all options open, really.”


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