Amazon’s $5 billion new HQ will be in one of these cities

After fielding hundreds of pitches from cities across the U.S., Amazon has whittled the list of prospective homes for its second headquarters down to a relatively short 20.

According to a statement this week by the online retail giant, the $5 billion project known as HQ2 will be located in one of the following regions:

– Atlanta, GA

– Austin, TX

– Boston, MA

– Chicago, IL

– Columbus, OH

– Dallas, TX

– Denver, CO

– Indianapolis, IN

– Los Angeles, CA

– Miami, FL

– Montgomery County, MD

– Nashville, TN

– Newark, NJ

– New York City, NY

– Northern Virginia, VA

– Philadelphia, PA

– Pittsburgh, PA

– Raleigh, NC

– Toronto, ON

– Washington D.C.

Local officials, including Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kinney, celebrated their city’s inclusion in the list of finalists.

“Philadelphia’s inclusion in Amazon’s Top 20 potential locations for HQ2 is an exciting milestone for the city,” Kenney said. “We are thrilled at today’s announcement, and look forward to working with Amazon’s team on the next steps of this process to further highlight all that Philadelphia has to offer.”

A final decision is expected to come later this year, but a corporate spokesperson explained the company has already done much of the heavy lifting by bringing the list of contenders down to its current size.

“Getting from 238 to 20 was very tough – all the proposals showed tremendous enthusiasm and creativity,” said Holly Sullivan.

Amazon recruiters “learned about many new communities across North America,” she said, noting that even those not appearing on the “short” list could still be considered “as locations for future infrastructure investment and job creation.”

As CNN reported, the major development deal planned for HQ2 is expected to create up to 50,000 permanent, high-paying jobs.

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  1. I now there is no chance they choose Austin, but I will be praying that they don’t anyway!

    What ever city Amazon chooses is fucted!


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