Bill Cosby performs for first time since sexual assault trial

As disgraced comedian Bill Cosby counts down the days to his retrial on charges related to sexual assault, he reportedly took to the stage in a rare performance for a friendly crowd in Philadelphia.

According to the Associated Press, Cosby appeared at a jazz club in his hometown Monday for a live performance, which included riffs with the audience.

After asking the son of one band member whether he knew who the comedian was, Cosby shot back with a self-deprecating line.

“I used to be a comedian.”

The apparently impromptu stand-up set was reportedly well-received by friends in the audience. It was his first public performance in nearly three years.

Following an earlier mistrial, Cosby, 80, is set to stand trial again in April for charges stemming from a 2004 allegation that he drugged and molested a woman.

He did not discuss his legal woes during the recent appearance.