‘You’re a Nazi!’ CNN host confronts Holocaust-denying congressional candidate

In a bizarre interview Thursday morning on CNN’s “New Day,” co-host Alisyn Camerota engaged in a contentious back and forth with an Illinois congressional candidate under increasing fire for his virulently antisemitic views.

As the only Republican in the race, Arthur Jones is expected to receive his party’s nomination.

After introducing the controversial guest with a series of shocking statements he has previously made regarding Jews and other minorities, Camerota invited Jones to make his own case.

In response to being asked whether he was a Nazi, he said that he was an “American patriot and statesman,” which prompted the host to mention several other examples of his behavior — including his celebration of Adolf Hitler’s birthday.

“You’re a Nazi,” she concluded.

The two went on to argue over the contents of Jones’ campaign website, which Camerota said contained some of “the most vile, rancid rhetoric” she had ever seen.

Jones grew visibly upset, shooting back that he was only speaking “the truth” and claiming “Jews” in the media and politics have misinterpreted his position.

Later in the interview, he proudly denied the Holocaust as “an extortion racket.”

Camerota ended the interview by predicting Jones would “go down in flames” on Election Day.

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