‘I’ll top all of them’: Goldie Hawn addresses sexual harassment

Actress Goldie Hawn became the latest woman to open up about sexual harassment in the workplace — specifically within the entertainment industries.

In recent comments to CNBC, the “Private Benjamin” star broadly shared her own “horrible experiences” early in her career as a dancer in New York City.

Hawn made the personal remarks in the context of discussing whether the issue has become more prevalent in recent years.

“Sexual harassment, unfortunately it’s been there forever,” she said, alluding to her own past.

“I mean I’ll top all of them,” she said, crediting her “very strong” parents for instilling in her the resilience to stand up to domineering men in the industry.

“A lot of girls don’t,” she said. “A lot of girls don’t know what to do.”

As for the root causes of sexual harassment, Hawn said she does not think “you can regulate that kind of human behavior,” advising instead to increase awareness and properly address the underlying issues.

“You’re dealing with sexual addiction,” she said. “You’re dealing with narcissism. Narcissism is an illness.”

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