Happy Meals go healthier, drop cheeseburgers and chocolate milk

As part of a corporate push to emphasize healthier options, especially on its kids’ menu, McDonald’s recently announced it will remove cheeseburgers and chocolate milk as options listed for the iconic Happy Meal.

According to the Associated Press, McDonald’s announced the change will help achieve its goal of keeping all Happy Meals to fewer than 600 calories and less than 650 milligrams of sodium.

In the same way soda was removed from the kids’ menu four years ago, customers will still be able to create meals with the items being dropped. Following the prior modification, the company reported sales of soda with Happy Meals dropped by 14 percent.

Other efforts along the way have included making the kids’ size fries smaller, promoting fruit as a side option and switching to an apple juice containing less sugar.

The latest change to the Happy Meal should be rolled out in stores across the U.S. by this summer.

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