Oscars 2018: Swag bags feature pepper spray, other nods to #MeToo movement

Each year, the stars in attendance at the Academy Awards can expect an assortment of goodies including standard items like travel tickets along with some more unconventional gifts.

Ahead of Sunday’s ceremony hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, the ongoing purge of those accused of sexual misconduct and other violations is reflected in the selection of swag available to Oscar nominees.

To be clear, the bags, which sometimes have a six-figure total value, are provided by outside agencies without the endorsement — and often in defiance — of the Academy Awards.

Among the variety of personal safety products provided through a partnership with security firm Sabre is a pepper-spray canister, body alarm, and a kit used to determine whether a drink has been spiked.

“This event is a unique opportunity for us to lend a helping hand in the #MeToo movement with solutions that take aim at the harassment culture that’s been pervasive most notably in the entertainment industry and in broader society,” said Sabre CEO David Nance.

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