‘Perpetual liar’: Scaramucci slams Kelly, says he’s banned from White House

In the latest round of palace intrigue surrounding the often chaotic Trump administration, former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci once again aired dirty laundry as part of a cable news interview.

His primary target during a recent CNN segment was White House chief of staff John Kelly, who he said rules through a “culture of fear” that alienates those working in the West Wing.

Scaramucci went on to claim that he has been placed on a so-called “administrative exclusion list,” meaning he is not allowed in the White House without an official invitation.

He claimed a bungled response to his first allegations regarding the list is an indicator that Kelly has something to hide.

“Ask him why he had his staff lie about it yesterday and why does his press event today contradict the public record,” he said.

The infamously short-lived staffer’s comments came on the heels of a resignation by his replacement, Hope Hicks.

Scaramucci said he predicts “more departures” under Kelly’s leadership, describing morale within the administration as “terrible.”

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