Women’s basketball team pitches in when bus gets stuck in snowstorm

As much of the U.S. was blanketed by snow and frigid temperatures this week, one college basketball team did what they felt had to be done when their bus became trapped in the snow.

The Northeastern University women’s team was heading back to Boston after a game at Philadelphia’s Saint Joseph’s University when they realized they were stuck.

According to student Maureen Taggart, the bus driver “kept backing up and trying to get some momentum” and after some time “just kind of gave up.”

She said the players offered to push the massive vehicle “as a joke,” but they were recruited nonetheless.

“So we put our coats on and went outside,” Taggart said.

Their successful display was caught on camera by coach Kelly Cole.

Another student said it took several minutes of concentrated team effort to free the “really heavy” bus, but she admitted she “didn’t think we were going to move it an inch.”

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