WH reporter asks if Trump has considered ‘stepping down’ amid ‘turmoil’

Following an FBI raid of his personal attorney’s office, home and hotel room this week and his subsequent tirade against federal investigators, at least one prominent White House reporter is wondering if President Donald Trump is considering resignation.

During a press briefing on Tuesday, April Ryan asked White House press secretary Sarah Sanders two questions related to the Michael Cohen raid.

“The president said yesterday he was compliant, he turned over a million documents,” she said. “If he was compliant with these investigations, why was there a search warrant needed?”

Sanders claimed the raid “doesn’t have anything to do with the president,” directing Ryan to direct future questions to Cohen and his attorney.

Ryan continued with her second question, asking if in light of “all this turmoil, particularly this last week,” Trump has “thought about stepping down” from the office of the presidency.

“No,” Sanders shot back. “And I think that was an absolutely ridiculous question.”

As the press secretary moved to another reporter, Ryan chimed in that “it’s not ridiculous” to broach the subject.

In addition to the Mueller probe and Monday’s raid of his longtime attorney, Trump has dealt in recent weeks with issues including high turnover among his senior staff and a lawsuit filed on behalf of an adult film star who alleges she was silenced from sharing her account of an affair.

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