Wrestling legend recounts recent stroke while ‘expressing love’ with fiancee

A retired titan of the WWE wrestling league recently had another serious health scare, which he discussed candidly in an episode of his podcast.

Jerry “The King” Lawler, 68, had a stroke while with his fiancee, Lauryn McBride. He said the two were “expressing love for each other in a certain way” when the frightening scenario occurred.

“I got up and I said something to Lauryn and I didn’t really feel anything,” he said. “And she said, ‘What did you say?'”

About the time he realized his words were not coming out as he intended them, he said McBride noticed a tell-tale visual sign of a stroke on his face.

“She said, ‘Oh my God, Jerry. Go look in the mirror,'” Lawler said.

He immediately noticed that the “whole right side” of his mouth was “drooping all the way down” to his chin as he became aware he could not speak at all.

Fortunately, he said doctors were able to address a brain hemorrhage in time and he was released in good enough health to serve as announcer at a WrestleMania event last week.

He suffered a heart attack several years ago during a live broadcast of WWE Raw.

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