‘He just started yesterday’: Trump backs away from Giuliani remarks

In statements to reporters Friday morning at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland, President Donald Trump said his new attorney, Rudolph Giuliani, was not completely up to speed on his case when he made a series of contradictory remarks in recent interviews.

“When Rudy made the statements, Rudy’s great, but Rudy had just started and he wasn’t totally familiar with everything,” Trump said. “And Rudy, we love Rudy. He’s a special guy, but he really understands that this is a witch hunt.”

Though Trump said Giuliani “understands this better than anybody,” he said the former New York mayor has not yet become familiar with the details of the Justice Department’s special counsel investigation he has been brought in to help negotiate.

“But when he made certain statements, he just started yesterday,” Trump said. “And that’s it.”

Trump went on to say that he still wants to speak to “the people in charge” of the investigation “if they can prove it’s a fair situation.”

He echoed earlier claims of bias by suggesting special counsel Robert Mueller’s team is stacked with “angry Democrats.”

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