Murphy Brown reboot takes on fake news, ‘Fox & Friends’

As networks and streaming services continue to focus attention on revivals of nostalgic television shows, CBS executives rolled out details about its upcoming season of “Murphy Brown.”

While the original series portrayed Candice Bergen’s titular character as the anchor of a nighttime news program, she will helm a morning show in the reboot set to air Thursdays next season, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Her character’s son, portrayed by Jake McDorman, hosts a competing show, which executives said could be compared to the rivalry between MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” and Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.”

In an effort to keep the show as timely as possible, Bergen explained that the crew did not record a pilot episode to promote before the season begins.

“We wanted to stay really topical so we didn’t shoot a pilot because if we did we’d already be several news cycles and Stormys out of date,” she said.

In remarks during the network’s upfront presentations on Wednesday, Bergen weighed in on the current state of cable news.

She said the industry “is populated with all kinds, like the Hannitys of the world and actual journalists too.”

CBS Entertainment President Kelly Kahl said the network feels that the inclusion of this perspective means the show “could be a great piece to make this block the strongest on TV.”

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