SNL’s Leslie Jones wants ‘funnier stuff,’ less politics in upcoming season

Signaling an apparent exhaustion from the level of anti-Trump material during this season of NBC’s venerable sketch comedy series, “Saturday Night Live” cast member Leslie Jones recently expressed a desire to return to comedy for comedy’s sake.

While she acknowledged that the show has a “responsibility” to call attention to social and political issues, she nevertheless wants to see those skits complemented by more traditional comedy sketches.

“I hope next year we can do more funnier stuff instead of a lot of political stuff this year, which we had to do,” Jones said in an interview with The Wrap.

The “Ghostbusters” star said she looks forward to “a lot more funny-funny based stuff, more comedy-based stuff instead of a lot of political stuff.”

She went on to add:

You need that release. It can’t always be serious. You need The Three Stooges just as much as you need John Oliver.

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