Sen. Rand Paul sues neighbor over November attack

Months after he sustained injuries including fractured ribs during an altercation with a neighbor, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., has reportedly filed a civil suit against Rene Boucher.

The attacker pleaded guilty to assault in connection with the November incident, but reports this week indicate Paul is also seeking damages for “physical pain and mental suffering” against the neighbor.

Boucher acted in an “unnecessarily cruel, malicious, willful, wanton” manner that has deprived Paul of “his enjoyment of life.”

According to the suit, concerns that the “pattern of stalking and harassment” will continue prompted an additional request that a court prohibit Boucher from contacting Paul.

Attorney Matt Baker is representing Boucher and cited the criminal case in arguing that Paul has no claim to monetary damages.

“To the best of my knowledge, Sen. Paul has not suffered any loss of any income and doesn’t appear that he will the future,” Baker said.

The attorney added that it was “established at the sentencing hearing that [Paul] does not have any out-of-pocket medical expenses in this case, and at some point after the incident he told Fox News in an on-camera interview that he has not taken any prescription pain medication, and so all that is to say we’re going to defend this civil suit just like we would any other and see if we can get it resolved as efficiently as possible.”

After pleading guilty, Boucher received a sentence of 30 days behind bars and a $10,000 fine.

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