Watch 12-year-old girl’s emotional speech at immigration rally

As protesters gathered across the nation to take part in hundreds of demonstrations planned for Saturday, one young girl’s address at a rally in D.C.

“I am the proud daughter of a domestic worker who loves me very much,” Leah told the crowd.

She described her mother as a hard worker who “takes care of children as a nanny and makes sure they are healthy and safe.”

The U.S. government, by contrast, “harms children and deports parents every day,” she said.

Leah said she attended the rally because “the government is separating and detaining refugee parents and children at the border who are looking for safety.”

She added that many children in her position are also separated from their parents through American immigration policy.

“Our government also continues to separate U.S. citizen children like me from their parents every day,” she said.

The Florida girl said the current treatment of undocumented immigrants is “evil” and “needs to stop.”

Watch her remarks in their entirety below:

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  1. I say bullshit the obama administration was doing the same thing If the bleeding hearts want them let them live with them I live in Texas come to the border before you start using kids for you game the president is trying to fix it But the socialist Democratic Party will not let him I voted for our president and will again we need a strong man in office and we got one


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