GOP senator describes ‘painful’ yet ‘hopeful’ conversations with Trump about race

One South Carolina conservative lawmaker acknowledged in a recent interview that he has some fundamental differences in opinion with President Donald Trump on the topic of race.

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., told CNN host Van Jones in a recent interview that previous discussions have been difficult for him.

“Yeah, they’re hard,” he said. “They’re painful. They’re uncomfortable. To sit in the Oval Office and have a conversation with the president about things that you strongly disagree about.

Describing one meeting, Scott said neither of them changed their opinion by the end of their conversation.

“I certainly can’t change my perspective,” he said. “Mine’s educated by experience.”

Scott said that Trump asked for his advice at the end of their talk, which he said gave him “reasons to be hopeful.”

Nevertheless, the lawmaker reserved serious criticism for the manner in which Trump has treated the issue of race.

Though Scott said he does not consider the president a racist, he said Trump is “without question” insensitive on the issue.

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