Sessions addresses flak over chanting ‘Lock Her Up’ with kids

Days after attracting backlash for appearing to encourage a group of teens in a chant against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Attorney General Jeff Sessions walked back his behavior.

According to CNN, Sessions told a crowd on Thursday that he should have used the opportunity to explain the rule of law.

Instead, he joined in the chant of “Lock her up” on Tuesday while addressing a crowd of conservative teens.

“I heard that a long time over the last campaign,” he said with a smile.

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Speaking on Thursday to a group in Boston, though, he said that he “perhaps should have taken a moment to advise them on the fact that” a person is “innocent until cases are made.”

Nevertheless, he described the Turning Point USA conference in D.C. as a “great event to be with those kids.”

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  1. Jeff Sessions is a disgrace to the American people. He took the job as Attorney General knowing he was going to not do his job to protect Americans against illegal actions, both foreign & domestic. He is a puppet allowing Rosenstein, Mueller &Comey to continue their conspiracy to initially keep Donald Trump from becoming president & now to remove him from office while Hillary Clinton remains free from both foreign & domestic crimes against the American people while he dirs nothing to uphold Constitutional laws. Jeff Sessions should resign or be fired.


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