Police chief pens personal open letter after son’s arrest for violent crime

A law enforcement official in California recently addressed a crime report that hit close to his home, writing a lengthy Facebook message explaining the circumstances leading up to his 18-year-old son’s recent arrest.

The Union City police chief began by describing the battery and attempted robbery of a 71-year-old Sikh man in Manteca. He said he had heard from members of the Sikh community regarding the crime and how to prevent future attacks.

“I am completely disgusted in sharing with you that, later yesterday evening, I received a call from the Manteca PD that the suspect in this horrific crime turns out to by my 18-year old son,” Darryl McAllister wrote. “He has been estranged from our family and our home for several months now.”

Describing the path toward delinquency he said began two years ago, the elder McAllister wrote that his family is having trouble coming to terms with the nature of the allegations.

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“It’s difficult for us to comprehend how one of three kids who grew up with the same parents, under the same roof, with the same rules and same values and character could wander so far astray,” he wrote. “We simply don’t know why, or how we got here. In the eyes of the public, no matter the irrelevance to the incident, the fact remains that the father of the perpetrator of this despicable crime is a police chief, period. One cannot expect the general public (our Sikh community in particular) to factor in any sentiment that would distinguish this from the integrity of my family name. I pray that we, as a community, in conjunction with my family, can get through this and be even stronger as a result.”

Fox News later reported that the suspect, Tyrone, appeared in court and flipped his middle fingers up at cameras gathered to cover the hearing.

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