Cops say gun-control candidate fatally shot former campaign aide

Kellie Collins, a Georgia woman who until recently was running for Congress in the state’s 10th district, is facing charges related to the death of her former campaign treasurer.

The suspect and 41-year-old Curt Cain are described in some reports as having been in a relationship, living together in the Aiken County apartment where his body was fond.

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Collins allegedly left the scene in Cain’s vehicle, leaving him behind to die from blood loss.

Police arrested her this week on suspicion of murder and grand larceny.

She suspended her congressional bid for personal reasons after citing opposition to President Donald Trump as a primary reason for her candidacy.

“I have always tried to help my community through my lifetime, but I had a bit of an epiphany when the 2016 election showed how little the public voice is heard (especially in the US House of Representatives) by our elected government,” she wrote. “I started feeling as if someone should stand up and speak out against it.”

Her platform included a commitment to support gun control and minimum wage increases.

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