‘I blame you!’ Missing teen’s dad lunges at stepdad during news conference

The father of a missing Iowa teen lunged toward the boy’s stepfather following a news conference during which authorities indicated they had located 15-year-old Jake Wilson’s remains.

According to KCCI, Mike Wilson was arrested on suspicion of two misdemeanor counts of assault after his outburst against Jeremy Neiswonger.

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The alleged victim of the aggression was reportedly the last person to see Jake Wilson before his disappearance in April.

In a police statement just prior to the attack, authorities indicated that they found evidence “consistent” with what they aimed to find in their search for the teen. Forensic analysis could take weeks to provide a definitive identification.

“I blame you,” Mike Wilson shouted as he leaped at Neiswonger before being restrained by officers and others at the scene.

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