Trump reminds Chelsea Handler of her “a**hole” father

In an interview with BuzzFeed News, comedian Chelsea Handler reiterated her disapproval of the Trump administration with a comparison that hit close to home.

She said that her father “would be like Donald Trump if he could,” making it clear she did not see that as a positive quality in him.

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“I have an a**hole for a father,” she said. “I yelled and screamed at him my whole life.”

After expressing specific disapproval of his policies, Handler shared her vision of a proper end for Trump’s presidency.

“I want that man dragged out of the White House in his underwear with his little hairpiece flying around and the tape coming off and it landing in the Rose Garden,” she said.

Handler said she believes many Americans were similarly moved to activism by the Trump presidency, adding that “we all realize what’s at stake and so people are really willing to stick their necks out and fight.”
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