Trump reportedly rejected longer statement referring to McCain as ‘hero’

Even in death, reports indicate President Donald Trump was reluctant to extol U.S. Sen. John McCain’s service to the nation as a prisoner of war and six-term Republican senator from Arizona.

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During the 2016 presidential race, then-candidate Trump earned widespread criticism for asserting that McCain was “not a war hero” because he was captured by enemy combatants and tortured for five years.

“I like people who weren’t captured,” he said at the time.

After McCain’s death following a yearlong battle with brain cancer, Trump reportedly refused his communication team’s draft of a statement referring to the 81-year-old as a “hero.”

The president tweeted his condolences instead.

“My deepest sympathies and respect go out to the family of Senator John McCain,” Trump wrote. “Our hearts and prayers are with you!”
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  1. Many people especially Vietnam War veterans actually saw heros that risked their lives to save Americans under attack by the enemy. That is not taking anything away from John McCain. I voted for him for president but calling him a hero after what I saw in Vietnam, he was a great Senator & a pilot. Heros usually have that Big Medal around their neck. John McCain has every thing to be proud of, don’t try & create another Trump story. McCain doesn’t need that,


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