Trump says he ‘fell asleep’ during Obama speech

After former President Barack Obama took on his successor directly for the first time in a speech on Friday, Donald Trump responded by calling the address an effective sleep aid.

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Obama said Trump is “a symptom, not the cause” of deep division within America across multiple socioeconomic lines.

“He’s just capitalizing on resentments politicians have been fanning for years,” Obama said. “A fear, an anger that’s rooted in our past, but it’s also born out of the enormous upheavals that have taken place in your brief lifetimes.”

NBC News correspondent Peter Alexander tweeted Trump’s response a short time later.

“I’m sorry I watched it, but I fell asleep,” the president said. “I found he’s very good. Very good for sleeping.”

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  1. Obama is a waste and will never understand just how awful he was as President. Trump has killed all of the Obama Executive Orders which restricted business opportunities as well as got money to get our military back to where it should be. Trump has put this country in the best economy in decades and the lowest unemployment. Obama was the worst president ever.


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