Students leap to action after bus driver dies behind wheel

A school district is mourning a loss while celebrating a group of students as heroes. The dramatic incident played out as bus driver Gerald Gardner drove away from the school Thursday.

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The bus driver was leaving Sealy High School when he lost consciousness.

After collapsing in the driver’s seat from an apparent heart attack, students quickly reacted.

“Once they got the bus stopped they killed the engine,” said Assistant Principal Doug Young. One of the other high school boys in the back evacuated students off back of bus, just like they’ve been trained to do.”

Passersby noticed the emergency and stopped to perform CPR on Gerald Gardner, who was in his 70s. Emergency crews arrived a short time later and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

The school district released a statement offering thoughts and prayers for his family.

“We are extremely grateful to the years of service Mr. Gardner gave to Sealy ISD ad to our students,” the district wrote.

The school went on to commend the students on board “for their quick thinking and remaining calm during the evacuation.”

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