“STFU SUSAN”: Messing-Sarandon Twitter war heats up over Trump comment

Two actresses — both vehement opponents of current president’s agenda — engaged in a social media spat over a comment about Donald Trump’s impact on American politics.

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“Will & Grace” star Debra Messing took on Susan Sarandon after Variety tweeted a segment from its recent interview with the latter.

The magazine paraphrased Sarandon’s opinion that Trump, “if anything, inspired more women and people of color to run for office.”

Messing shot back with a lengthy retort, sparking a flareup in a political feud dating back at least to the 2016 presidential campaign.

STFU SUSAN. Oh yes, PLEASE let’s give Trump CREDIT. I mean how else are you able to walk out on the street. Convince yourself that that this CATASTROPHE of a President who you said was better that HRC IS NOT ripping children away from parents seeking asylum, holding children INDEFINITELY in internment camps with their new policy, DESTROYING all attempts to protect our environment (yes the water you properted [sic] to care about), endangered animals, taking away women’s ACCESS to health care and legal abortion, trying to block POC from Voting with extreme Judges who will support jerrymandering [sic] efforts, not to mention destroying ALL good will and allied relationships across the Globe. Oh, and lest you forget Syria, Crimea, and putting PRO-RUSSIA agenda BEFORE the United States best interests. YES, do go on And LAUD the effect Trump has had. Out of DESPERATION & PANIC for the DESTRUCTION of the Soul of our country. But you don’t want to look at THAT part of the equation. Because then you’d have to admit you were dead WRONG running around bellowing that HRC was more dangerous than Trump. Only a self righteous, narcissist would continue to spout off and not – in the face of Americans’ pain and agony -be contrite and apologize for your part in this catastrophe. But, you do you Susan.

Sarandon responded by calling Messing’s comment “self-righteous” and accusing her of weighing in without having seen the interview.

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