Ohio’s wealthiest GOP donor leaves party

As President Donald Trump’s divisive style of leadership continues to amplify rifts within the Republican Party, some prominent donors have announced they are either slashing or halting further contributions.

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For Leslie Wexner, the time finally came to turn his back on the party to which he had belonged since college.

The CEO of L Brands had been the wealthiest Republican donor in Ohio before his recent announcement at a leadership summit.

“I just decided I’m no longer a Republican,” Wexner said.

Describing his current position as independent, he confirmed that he will no longer “support this nonsense in the Republican Party.”

The businessman blamed Republican lawmakers for “bending over backwards to try to shield and deflect oversight of this behavior,” suggesting they are willing to “put up with crazy” to advance their policy proposals.

Wexner went on to praise recent public statements from former President Barack Obama, who continued his call for civility in an Ohio speech earlier this week.

“I was struck by the genuineness of the man; his candor, humility and empathy for others,” the former Republican said.

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  1. If what’s his name, Wexler, likes what Obama said, who cares what he does. He obviously supports spying on Americans, giving $Billions to terrorist countries and arming drug lords in Mexico while allowing hard drugs to come into this country. Is this where this Rich guy made his $Millions?


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