Former AG Holder describes how he’d take on Trump in 2020

Former Attorney General Eric Holder confirmed he was considering a 2020 presidential bid, telling CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Tuesday that he expects to decide early next year.

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder on how he'd take on Donald Trump in 2020 on @CuomoPrimeTime.#NoAgenda pic.twitter.com/XBaFMXaHgs

— Chris Agee (@BCAgee) October 3, 2018

“It’ll be interesting to see,” he said of a possible campaign against President Donald Trump. “Two guys from Queens.”

Holder said he knows how Democrats should handle a candidate like Trump.

Asked whether his party’s nominee in 2020 should rise above the current political climate or enter the fray, he said it was a “combination of both,” emphasizing that it is “time for Democrats to get tough.”

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  1. This is rich! Time for Democrats to get tough??? ROFLMAO. Time for them to get ethical, honest, and start thinking about the good of the nation instead of power. It’s time for them to understand what led to Trump’s election. This guy is a JOKE.


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