Rand Paul’s wife to Cory Booker: Retract call to ‘get up in the face’ of lawmakers

After a gunman targeted elected officials during congressional baseball practice and her husband was seriously injured in an attack by a neighbor, Kelley Paul penned an open letter to Sen. Cory Booker asking him to take back a recent call to political activism.

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Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., was left with “lung damage and multiple bouts of pneumonia” following the attack nearly a year ago, his wife wrote, going on to cite several examples of his political rivals joking or celebrating the violent incident.

“Earlier this week, Rand was besieged in the airport by activists ‘getting up in his face,’ as you, Senator Booker, encouraged them to do a few months ago,” Kelley Paul wrote. “Preventing someone from moving forward, thrusting your middle finger in their face, screaming vitriol — is this the way to express concern or enact change? Or does it only incite unstable people to violence, making them feel that assaulting a person is somehow politically justifiable?”

She called on Booker, a Democrat from New Jersey, to retract his call earlier this year for protesters to “get up in the face of some congresspeople.”

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