GOP nominee apologizes after ’embarrassing’ clip emerges

Though he says he does not remember making the specific remarks, there’s no denying the man making them is Bill Schuette.

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At the time, he was a Michigan congressman. Now, nearly 30 years later and running to be the state’s next governor, he is apologizing for the contents of the short clip.

During an interview in the late 1980s, a woman asked Schuette to move closer to a lamp in the room, prompting what he now describes as a “poor attempt to be humorous.”

He told the woman he would “do anything you want,” advising that some of those things he “may not let you run the camera on.”

In a statement, Schuette said he regrets the comments, which he labeled “embarrassing.”

Democratic rival Gretchen Whitmer acknowledged the campaign scandal, describing the “uncomfortable look” on the face of anyone who watches the clip. But she focused her attention on his policies, which she described bad for the Michigan women.

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