John Cleese sparks debate with questions for Evangelical Trump supporters

Comedian John Cleese has taken a more serious turn when discussing the administration of Donald Trump.

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Though the “Monty Python” star’s current act includes some jokes at the American president’s expense, he has also sought to spark serious discussion on the divisive political figure.

Cleese recently posted a tweet describing Trump as “a sleazy, corrupt, egotistical and mendacious sociopath,” presenting a couple of questions to the majority of Evangelical Christians who still support the president.

“Have they not read the New Testament?” he tweeted. “Or do they think it’s not meant to be taken literally?”

As several individuals shared their reasoning, Cleese continued to engage, including a response to one woman who pointed to Trump’s opposition to abortion as “THE ONLY” reason she supported the GOP nominee in 2016.

“I think you will find there are TEN commandments,” the comedian responded. “If God required only one, I think he would have said so.”

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