Armed suspect threatens black campaign volunteer with racist taunts, cops say

A campaign volunteer working at a polling place in North Carolina this week says he was intimidated by a white man brandishing what appeared to be a firearm.

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Charlotte-Mecklenburg police later described the weapon as a BB gun, but Derek Partee — a retired New York police detective — said it was clear the man intended to send a message.

The black Republican activist said the man and passengers “looked sleazy” and “out of place,” so he took a couple of pictures of the car and its license plate.

Shortly thereafter, the occupants began yelling racially charged invective, Partee said.

“A white male jumps out of the driver’s side and says, ‘Yo n*****, you want some of this?'” he recalled. “Then both are yelling, ‘You black motherf*****, you want some of this?'”

He said he informed them that he was both a former lawman and a member of the GOP.

“They said, ‘I don’t give a f*** what you are!'” Partee said.

All three suspects were later identified, but police said just the driver, 28-year-old Jason Donald Wayne, was arrested.

Partee said the incident gave him “pause for thought” but did not impact his lifelong affiliation with the Republican Party.

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