Hero pilot ‘Sully’ urges action: ‘This is not the America I know and love’

Almost a decade after heroically touching down on the Hudson River in an emergency landing later immortalized in a major motion picture, pilot Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger is now sounding the alarm on a far more widespread issue.

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“This is not the America I know and love,” he wrote. “We’re better than this. Our ideals, shared facts and common humanity are what bind us together as a nation and a people. Not one of these values is a political issue, but the lack of them is.”

In a Washington Post op-ed, he urged voter participation as the remedy to an America’s current turmoil.

Describing many of the nation’s leaders as “cowardly, complicit enablers, acting against the interests of the United States, our allies and democracy; encouraging extremists at home and emboldening our adversaries abroad; and threatening the livability of our planet,” Sullenberger wrote that voters must act to replace them.

“Many do not respect the offices they hold; they lack — or disregard — a basic knowledge of history, science and leadership; and they act impulsively, worsening a toxic political environment,” he added.

The lifelong Republican concluded that this election in particular must be about America, not party.

“For the first 85 percent of my adult life, I was a registered Republican,” he wrote. “But I have always voted as an American. And this critical Election Day, I will do so by voting for leaders committed to rebuilding our common values and not pandering to our basest impulses.”

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