Former Dem governor warns party against ‘swing to the far left’

Even as progressive candidates stand favored to win some key House races in next week’s election, one former Democratic governor has a warning about a “swing to the far left” he notices in the party.

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Ed Rendell penned an op-ed this week, he slammed the enthusiastic endorsement of leftist proposals including single-payer healthcare.

The former Pennsylvania governor described it as both fiscally and politically unfeasible, warning that the appeal to the party’s progressive base could backfire in the attempt to appeal to centrist voters in 2020.

“Our candidates should work for solutions that are politically achievable, and not appeal to voters with a plan they know cannot become reality. (That’s like saying, ‘Mexico would pay for the wall.’) I would respect our wannabes more if they would make realistic proposals for reform.”

He went on to advise against hard-line stances such as the abolition of the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. That position, Rendell opined, served to take focus away from the “divider in chief” following Donald Trump’s largely unpopular immigration policy roll-out earlier this year.

“His unfavorable ratings were shooting up, but we Democrats came to his rescue by letting him change the subject — to say that Democrats wanted to abolish ICE and leave the border defenseless. That may appear to be a totally illogical argument, but it effectively redirected attention and halted the bleeding for President Trump.”

Along with some other missed opportunities in which he believes Democrats lurched too far to the left, he concluded that continuing down that path will lead to Trump’s re-election in 2020.

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