De Niro trashes Trump in profane rant, suggests comedian as replacement

Robert De Niro has emerged as one of President Donald Trump’s most persistent Hollywood critics.

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He was targeted by an alleged mail bomber targeting Trump foes earlier this year and has provided his acting talents to portray Justice Department special counsel Robert Mueller in numerous “Saturday Night Live” sketches.

Just days after his latest cameo on the venerable NBC sketch series, De Niro was on hand to present Billy Crystal with a Friars Club award. He used the opportunity to once again rail against the president.

“I just get so upset with that jerkoff in the White House,” he said, prompting a reaction from audience members. “Boo is right! Down with this motherf***er!”

He went on to suggest Crystal would make a “heroic comedian-in-chief” compared to the “dangerous buffoon-in-chief” currently in charge. Upon further consideration, though, he concluded that the funnyman’s honesty might work against him.

“As much as we could use you in the never-been-more-white White House, I think it’s best to keep you right where you are — making us laugh and entertaining us like no one else,” De Niro concluded.

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