Colbert shares experience that led him from atheism to Christianity

Comedian Stephen Colbert has often referenced his own faith in God throughout his career, including his current capacity as host of CBS’ “The Late Show.”

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In a recent interview, he opened up about his belief system and what shaped it as a 20-something struggling with anxiety.

“I had lost my faith in God, to my own great grief,” Colbert told Rev. James Martin. “I was sort of convinced that I had been wrong all this time, that I had been taught something that wasn’t true.”

On one particularly tough night in 1986, the recent college grad was walking along a Chicago street when someone he didn’t know gave him a life-altering gift.

The pages of the small Bible, containing the New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, were frozen, Colbert recalled. It caused him to force the book open and he stumbled upon a directory searchable by emotions.

An entry for anxiety led Colbert to the Sermon on the Mount, in which Jesus taught his followers not to worry about their lives.

“I was absolutely, immediately lightened,” he said, explaining that he stood on the street and read the entire passage.

“And my life has never been the same,” he said.

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