Ret. Adm. McRaven responds after Trump calls him ‘Hillary Clinton fan’

Retired U.S. Navy Adm. William McRaven doubled down on his criticism of Donald Trump’s anti-media rhetoric after the president disparaged him in a recent interview.

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Trump repeated called McRaven, who led the raid that resulted in Osama bin Laden’s death, a “Hillary Clinton fan,” also referring to him as an “Obama backer.”

McRaven had not been involved in political matters in the past but has spoken out against Trump’s depiction of news media as the American people’s enemy.

He called the president’s rhetoric “perhaps the greatest threat to democracy” in his lifetime, repeating that sentiment in a statement after Trump’s recent comments about him.

“I did not back Hillary Clinton or anyone else,” McRaven said.

He went on to say he was a “fan” of Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush after working for their administrations.

“I stand by my comment that the President’s attack on the media is the greatest threat to our democracy in my lifetime,” McRaven concluded. “When you undermine the people’s right to a free press and freedom of speech and expression, then you threaten the Constitution and all for which it stands.”

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