Gary Hart: ‘Rules have changed’ since scandal derailed White House bid

After calling off his own White House bid more than 30 years ago amid allegations of infidelity, former U.S. Sen. Gary Hart weighed in on the current state of American politics.

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“I think all the rules have changed,” he told CBS News’ Rita Braver in a recent interview. “If Donald Trump can have a fan base of 30 to 40 percent despite everything he’s done in life, all bets are off.”

The 2016 presidential election left the Colorado Democrat with a different view of the nation’s highest office.

“Anybody can be president, regardless,” he said.

Hart’s campaign ahead of the 1988 campaign is the subject of a new movie, “The Front Runner.”

Even in the latest interview, the 81-year-old says “it’s nobody’s business” if he had been unfaithful to his wife.

“Look, character, which got to be the key word, is demonstrated over a lifetime,” he said. “And I’ll put my life up against anybody else’s in terms of sound character. That’s all I can say.”

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