Behar slams McCain’s ‘best friend’ Graham after Trump attack

Following a Twitter tirade in which President Donald Trump criticized a litany of perceived detractors including the late U.S. Sen. John McCain, one co-host of ABC’s “The View” took McCain’s close friend and fellow Sen. Lindsey Graham to task.

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Describing the South Carolina Republican as McCain’s “best friend,” Joy Behar declared she had “a bone to pick” with Graham.

When McCain’s daughter and co-host Meghan McCain chimed in that former Sen. Joe Lieberman was actually her father’s closest friend, Behar described them as “bros” and “buds.” She then focused on the crux of her complaint, which was that Graham’s tweet defending his deceased colleague’s “devotion to his country” did not also include an excoriation of Trump’s recent and persistent carping about his political foe.

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“He does not say the president is out of line, he doesn’t say that it is a ridiculous thing to go after John McCain,” Behar continued. “I think that Lindsey Graham is making a huge error right now in believing that this man will ever, ever back him up. Because Lindsey is crawling to the president so that he can get re-elected, and Trump is acting like a sadist towards Lindsey Graham, putting him between a rock and a hard place and saying, ‘OK, bow to me even more now.'”

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