Governor of Puerto Rico hits back against Trump’s ‘misinformation’

In a series of tweets responding to several from President Donald Trump on the matter, the governor of Puerto Rico called on him to “STOP spreading misinformation.”

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Trump suggested that the federal government had spent many times more than it actually has in disaster relief following Hurricane Maria and inaccurately described it as the most expensive hurricane to date. He also described the U.S. territory’s politicians as “grossly incompetent” public officials who “complain & ask for more money” that they spend “foolishly or corruptly, & only take from USA.”

Gov. Ricardo Rossello took Trump to task for the tweets, asserting that Puerto Ricans are are citizens of the United States and included a call for legislative action approving additional hurricane relief.

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“@SenateGOP, @SenateDems – I urge you, take action on your commitment and empathy to Americans in need. Mr. President, once again, we are not your adversaries, we are your citizens,” he added.

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