Couple upset with school strikers serves them tainted cookies, cops say

Authorities in Ohio say two suspects are facing criminal charges connected to allegedly tainted cookies.

According to reports, Bo Cosens and Rachel Sharrock added laxatives to the sweets before delivering them to striking school staff. Described as a couple, they are accused of recording the deed and posting it on Facebook.

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After they allegedly added the extra ingredient, they reportedly gave the batch of botched cookies to someone else. Their ultimate destination was the group of strikers.

Bus drivers and other employees of the Claymont School District had been picketing for weeks. Police say the suspects had expressed grievances online related to the noise of the strike. Cosens is accused of having threatened to shoot the school employees.

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While no workers were sickened or even ate the cookies, police stressed the seriousness of the allegation.

Uhrichsville Police Chief Vince Beal said “it cannot be considered a prank.”

The suspects are expected to face multiple criminal charges.

A striker who spoke to reporters agreed the offense could have been quite serious.

“One of our kids could have eaten those,” she said. “That’s scary.”

The striker noted that she and the others on the picket line “thought it was a goodwill offering.”

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