Kamala Harris says Barr ‘lied to Congress’ in effort to protect Trump

U.S. Sen. Kamala Harris is continuing her criticism of Attorney General William Barr. In comments this week to a group in Michigan, the California Democrat asserted that he “lied to Congress” in his recent testimony.

Harris, who is running for her party’s 2020 presidential nomination, grilled Barr during his appearance last week. Questioning hinged primarily on his response to the Mueller report and Harris called on him to resign.

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In her comments on Sunday, the senator further accused Barr of being “more interested in representing the president than the American people.”

Making the case for her own candidacy, she went on to question the prevailing wisdom regarding the path for Democratic Party success in the Midwest.

She said the region is often put “in a simplistic box and a narrow narrative” that does not accurately define those living there.

“The conversation too often suggests certain voters will only vote for certain candidates regardless of whether their ideas will lift up all of our families,” she said. “It’s short sighted. It’s wrong. And voters deserve better.”

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