‘Untalented piece of s***’: Meghan McCain’s husband rages against Seth Meyers

After a heated exchange between “Late Night” host Seth Meyers and guest Meghan McCain, the latter’s husband lashed out at the “Saturday Night Live” veteran.

In a series of tweets he later deleted, right-wing pundit Ben Domenech spared few profanities in airing his grievances.

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“Seth is an awful person who is known within the industry for how terrible he is,” he claimed.

Domenech went on to call Meyers an “untalented piece of s***” and “a monumental a**hole” who is too “utterly unfunny” to warrant his success.

He said the host “only has his job because he regularly gargled [‘Saturday Night Live’ creator] Lorne Michael’s balls.”

Referencing the interview with his wife, Domenech reportedly chalked it up to “idiotic anti-Semitic bulls***” on Meyers’ part.

The string of obscene epithets continued until their author opted to take the down.

“I love my wife,” he wrote in a followup tweet. “I apologize for rage tweeting about how Seth Meyers treated her. I don’t like him, I think he’s a hack, but I shouldn’t have done that. I’m sorry to anyone I offended.”

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