Trump calls UK protests ‘fake news;’ NBC’s Engel says that sounds ‘delusional’

President Donald Trump’s earned some criticism for his claim that there were no widespread protests in London as he arrived for his ongoing state visit.

“There were thousands of people on the streets cheering,” he claimed. “It was tremendous spirit and love.”

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Trump earlier called reports of protests in the streets “fake news,” dismissing such rallies as “a very small group of people put in for political reasons.”

Among those pointing to ample photographic and video evidence of obvious anti-Trump protests to contrast those claims was NBC News chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel.

“The protesters have been circulating through downtown London,” he said. “Listening to President Trump, he sounds like he has been in a different city than we have been in. We have not seen thousands of people out on the streets welcoming President Trump.”

Engel echoed in a tweet his belief that Trump “sounded to be somewhat delusional” in his portrayal of the reception.

“Instead, we have seen thousands of people expressing their opposition to President Trump,” he said. “They say they don’t want him here.”

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