96 fractures: Father beats newborn to death as mother allows abuse, cops say

Authorities in Texas say the parents of a girl born prematurely last year have been arrested in connection with her brutal death at the age of just 10 weeks — and less than two weeks after she had been released from the hospital.

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The disturbing allegations involving 24-year-old Jason Paul Robin and 21-year-old Katharine Wyndham White include an autopsy report released last month finding that Jazmine Robin died as a result of an impact to her head. Among her many other injuries, however, were 96 bone fractured including dozens in her ribs, a cracked skull, and bruising all over her face and head.

Police reports show the victim’s father is expected to be charged with murder and her mother is accused of injury to a child by omission.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg released a statement on the matter:

“The evidence shows that Baby Jazmine fell victim to the very people who were supposed to protect her the most in this world. After a full and thorough investigation of the facts, we have filed charges, and will seek justice for young Jazmine.”


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