Incoherent woman rushes mom in airport in attempt to kidnap her children

Authorities in Georgia say a woman tried to leave Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport over the weekend with another woman’s children.

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A police report alleges that 26-year-old Esther Daniels fought with a woman and attempted to walk away with a child walking alongside her and a younger child in a stroller.

The other woman’s husband reportedly got involved and police say they apprehended Daniels a short time later as she spoke on a cellphone. An arresting officer said she attempted to hand over the phone to speak to someone on the other line.

“Ms. Daniels wasn’t able to speak in a manner to where I was able to understand her,” the officer wrote in a report, adding that the suspect continued to “blurt out things that made me believe that she was in some type of mental distress.”

After resisting arrest and trying to run toward the family, police say they were able to take Daniels into custody at which time she received medical attention. She is expected to face criminal charges including kidnapping and obstructing an officer.


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