‘Profoundly alarming’: 2020 hopeful makes new claims about border conditions

After traveling with five migrant women seeking asylum at the nation’s southern border, 2020 presidential candidate Cory Booker shared a lengthy string of tweets describing the circumstances under which he found them living.

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“These are my observations,” he began. “Please don’t look away.”

The Democratic U.S. senator from New Jersey went on to reference women who said they had spent entire days without food or water and one detainee covered in bruises from sleeping on the hard floor.

“She wasn’t able to shower for over 20 days and has rashes on her skin from the lack of sanitation,” Booker wrote.

He went on to assert that it “shouldn’t take a member of Congress” to secure a migrant’s “legal right” to seek asylum.

“These stories are profoundly alarming, but my words can’t begin to capture the pain,” Booker concluded. “Their very human dignity is under assault, and it’s being done in our name.”


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